Skeebo reviews Chris' Corner - Blonde Schoolgirl Strangle

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Skeebo reviews Chris' Corner - Blonde Schoolgirl Strangle

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Here's on of my first reviews, originally posted at Poisoned Paradigm. I've edited it a bit after reviewing the video for a fresh perspective.

Overview: Britney is in a skimpy school girl outfit talking on a phone, with camera scans up and down her body. Then she sits on a couch and reads. At about 2:30, she’s attacked by the killer and knocked out. He unties her top, drags her to the floor, and fondles her for a bit. At 4:30 the strangling begins, with the killer sitting on the sofa and Britney sitting in front of him on the floor. The strangling lasts about five minutes. After she's dead, he lays her on the ground, gives her some oral, finger bangs her, and then props her up and has her stroke her own snatch. At about 16:00, he’s got her slouched on the sofa and starts banging her. This lasts about two minutes, and then he leaves. The camera pans around her for about three minutes before the credits.

Strangling: The strangling in the video is, unfortunately, not very good at all. The major problem is Britney’s acting. For the majority of the strangling, Britney has her eyes closed and makes what I assume is supposed to be a grimace, but it looks more like a smile. She also makes no sound at all. Only on the verge of death does she actually start to emote. The struggle is also very half-hearted and unconvincing. She barely moves her body and stays in the exact same position for the duration. Sometimes other aspects of a strangling can elevate a mediocre performance, but beyond the lack of obvious technical gaffes, there wasn’t anything else interesting in the strangling for me.

Postmortem: Britney’s death stare is okay. Her eyes are open and lips very slightly parted, but I would have preferred her mouth more open or tongue protruding a bit. The body is moved to a few different positions and handled very slowly and delicately. When Britney’s slumped up against the killer, her head is upright and a little too stiff-necked. On the whole, I would have preferred the body had been moved around a little more with more emphasis on her limpness. This could have been achieved when she’s tossed onto the couch for sex, but unfortunately a camera edit hides that transition. On the sex side, however, it’s just how I like it. Britney’s face and body are all in full view as she bounces with every thrust, and the sex lasts a decent amount of time.

Other: The camera work is okay. Chris Brown seems to use close-ups more than I do, and he uses them a fair bit here. The camera is a little more shakey than I would like, and there are a few brief issues with focus on some of the close-ups. However, Britney is on-screen for all but a few seconds of the film, which is good. There are no glaring continuity errors, though Britney’s eyes occasionally change direction slightly between cuts.

Overall: The video is really weighed down by the unconvincing strangulation. I would prefer to see the victim emote more, gasp more, struggle more vigorously, etc. The postmortem aspect is pretty good, however, especially the necro sex, which is very nice. Since I like the necro aspect so much, I'd give it a 6 overall.
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