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Skeebo reviews: Chris' Corner - Strangle Me Please

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Concept: Keeley is a prostitute who engages in some sex and breathplay with a john. She gets strangled unconscious several times until the john goes crazy and finishes her off, then plays with her.

Overview: Keeley relaxes on a bed wearing a tiny, sheer black dress and heels. At 2:40 the killer arrives and they chat. At 5:00 she gives him a BJ and after a while he simultaneously fingerbangs her. At 8:30 he goes down on her. At 11:30 he takes her from behind as he strangles her with a thin cord. She passes out, and he wakes her up at 12:30. At 13:00 they try again, missionary, with Keeley’s head hanging off the side of the bed. She starts by strangling herself, then gives the garrote to the killer. She passes out again, and he wakes her up at 15:15. At 16:30, Keeley is mostly naked, and fondles herself while the killer strangles her. She passes out and wakes up at 19:05. At 20:15 they try again the same way. At 22:35 she bolts upright and the killer keeps strangling her. They struggle on the bed until she dies at 25:30. He handles her body until 27:15 when he gives himself a necro hand job, coming on her chest at 28:10. He leaves, and there are body pans until 31:06.

Strangulations: There are four consensual strangulations in the video, plus the nonconsensual aspect of the final strangulation. I’m not usually into consensual scenes very much, but these were all quite erotic. There’s no struggling, obviously, but Keeley gasps well and passes out believably each time. The variety of positions helps add some spice. I also really liked they way Keeley giggles impishly each time she wakes up. She’s completely turned on by the breathplay, which provides a good contrast to the life-and-death struggle of the final strangulation. The struggle here is good. For the first part, Keeley and the killer lie on their sides, and then he wrestles her into a new position so that she’s lying against his chest. Keeley winds down well and I like how the killer fondles her toward the end when she’s too weak to struggle anymore. However, a few shots place Keeley’s bare foot in the extreme foreground of a few shots, especially the very end. I’m not into foot fetish at all, so I didn’t appreciate that. They’re also very out of focus most of the time. Overall there’s a lot of good asphyxia to be enjoyed, so long as you can appreciate the consensual strangulations.

Sex: There’s a lot of consensual sex in the video. Before the asphyxia starts, there’s some consensual oral, and there’s sex during the first two strangulations. The sex during the strangulations is apparently simulated and fairly understated. I didn’t think it added a whole lot to the scenes, but it certainly doesn’t hurt in my book. The post-mortem sex is limited to a hand-job, which never does much for me. I would have much preferred necro sex, but with all the sex beforehand, I can understand why this was limited to the hand-job. There’s a lot of fondling throughout, and I liked how the killer was often cradling Keeley unconscious body in his arms while he wakes her up. I also really liked the way the killer handles and cradles her body after her death. There’s a little bit of limb play in there also, for fans of that stuff. After spooging, he takes her hand and spreads it around her chest.

Other: The camera provides pretty good coverage of the action. There isn’t as much of a reliance on extreme close-ups as there has been in other CC videos, though there is still more than I would prefer. There are occasional focus issues on some of these close-ups. Keeley blinks on camera twice postmortem: once while she’s being handled shortly after her death, and once at the very end, about a second before the video cuts to credits. The first instance isn’t terribly noticeable and the second is easily edited out. Overall the presentation isn’t flawless, but it’s passable.

Summary: I really like this video. It takes a while to get to the asphyxia, and the focus on breathplay is a bit off the beaten path for me, but it’s handled very erotically and I enjoy it quite a bit. The final nonconsensual strangulation is energetic and sexy enough to provide a satisfying conclusion. There’s a lot of sex in the video, and most of it is consensual. I personally would have preferred a bit more emphasis on the necro aspect, but at least there’s something. Overall, I give it an 8.5.
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