kelli reviews Chris' "Blonde Office Bimbo Shot"

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kelli reviews Chris' "Blonde Office Bimbo Shot"

Post by kelli »

This was my first Chris produced video, so i was a virgin. First off, i can really tell that chris is a protege of johnM.....their styles are very similar. in fact, i wouldnt know this isn't a pkf production unless told so.....which isn't a bad thing by any means.

Cole does an admirable job of playing the vapid blonde bimbo. And Chris is his usual charming yet menacing self. The premise: Cole is a new temp office employee who is being secretly monitored by Chris from another office. She seems to be totally clueless as to office etiquette, even going so far as to pleasure herself on company time!.....said activity being a rather drawn out affair. It takes up a major portion of the guys who enjoy seeing girls get themselves off will be happy., not so much.

Chris finally has had enough of her behavior (tho he seems to appreciate some of the "show"she puts on), and marches into the office to confront her with a silenced pistol. Upon seeing the gun, Cole start grovelling, trying to save herself.....even offering to give him a bj. Of course, he agrees and after a bit of that action, he fires a bullet into her left boob. Cole is good here, gasping and moaning fairly her lung has been compromised by the first shot. Seconds later, he lets her have another one in the right tit. There is the obligatory wanking by Chris as Cole suffers from her bullet wounds....then he shoots her again, below the right breast....which takes her activity level waaaaay down. She is subdued from then on, and Chris has a little fun feeling her up.

Ultimately, he must finish her when he hears the cleaning lady arrive, and does so with a close range shot between the breasts, thru her heart. This part i must admit i loved. Cole thrashes for a few seconds, then goes limp in the chair... a nice death stare coming over her visage. Chris then finishes collecting his bj, post mortem, and some hand action too.

In a final show of contempt for his victim, while posing her he notices the time on her watch and casually mentions its almost time for his golf tee off time. But not before he takes a few pix and bangs her dead corpse on his desk.

While the setup for this kill is a bit tedious for me, i think guys will enjoy it. Once we get to the gun action, thats where my attention kicks in. To be honest, i can do without the post-mortem sexual activities.....but i am not going to cry over spilt semen. I also am not a big fan of the urination that happens in this video, but again....i am sure some people enjoy that. All in all, i thought it was well done and satisfied my death fantasy fetish. I give "Blonde Office Bimbo Shot" 4 out of 5
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Re: kelli reviews Chris' "Blonde Office Bimbo Shot"

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thanks Kelli...........I always enjoy your reviews and im glad your here
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