Review of "The check"

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Review of "The check"

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I wrote “The check” and commissioned its production, so this isn’t exactly an objective review. But I can’t help raving about its star.


Belle plays Charlotte to perfection. Just the way she saunters in on her stiletto pumps conveys Charlotte’s classiness, her aloofness. Just the way she looks at Darling, a would-be embezzler with a gun, expresses her contempt. And the way she gets up again, twice, after being shot demonstrates her dauntless resolution and defiance.

She delivers her spoken lines exactly right, sometimes with a slight ironic smile.

She shows how much her wounds hurt her and weaken her without resorting to those cliché writhing or twitching moves. Unlike these, Belle’s moves are beautiful.

And so is her face. And so are her magnificent legs.

Adrian, who plays Darling, also does a solid acting job. We don’t see him often, but we shiver when he delivers such lines as “Charlotte, shut up and die.”

The bullet holes are in Charlotte’s dress, not her bare skin. This enables Irma, the blood effects wizard, to show blood trickling from the holes. She does it very convincingly, to shocking effect.

To me, this video is beautiful, thrilling, and moving.
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