Capgun Chuck reviews "Hitman-Melanie Tripper" by KHP

This producer used innovative f/x techniques and produced tons of material before permanently closing down his production company. His work is greatly missed!

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Capgun Chuck reviews "Hitman-Melanie Tripper" by KHP

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Capgun Chuck reviews "Hitman-Melanie Tripper" by KHP

Sub-genre: multiple silenced handgun shooting to belly and breast.

In her private office, Melanie makes a phone call, revealing she's concerned for her life as she tries to trivialize her fear with the person on the phone. Phone calls are difficult to portray; Melanie's phone call performance reveals a capable actress.

While she talks on the phone, nice handheld camera action pans down to a closeup of her cigarette burning. What smoker wouldn't crave the distraction of a smoke while under such duress?

When the clean-cut, suited, handsome hitman arrives, there's an expected exchange of words to identify Melanie as the target, with lines nicely delivered.

Melanie is obviously frightened now. She knows why he's there. He tells her to stand up and move into the corner.Excellent! Now I know he's not going to just pop her in the chair to end it quickly; she'll be standing, providing a more erotic shooting scenario.

"No! Don't! Please don't shoot me!" she says several times, looking at the huge handgun with huge silencer barrel. Words I love to hear from a capable actress.

There is an exquisite, erotic close-up of her frightened face as she eyes the gun and pleads for her life. A scene like this is seldom performed better.

The first bullet thumps into her belly. She looks down at her belly. Then she looks back up at him. This image of the first-shot reaction I love to see over and over; it's a perennial favorite that never gets old. I would love to see every attractive actress in the world, dressed in varieties of erotic attire, perform this same reaction; this image never fails to arouse when done properly.

She reacts beautifully as several more bullets are pumped into her belly area and finally one to her breast, then she begins a slide down the wall, blood smears becoming visible on the wall. Wall slides never get old.

She coughs, then coughs more once collapsed into a seated position on the floor. This I don't like; it ruins the erotic nature of the scene. But then I recall she's a smoker. That earlier closeup of the cigarette burning was a clue that smoking would affect her until death.

I would have loved to see her stop coughing. I suppose the cigarettes have already done their damage long before the hitman does his deed. I would have loved to see the hitman pump bullets up her dress while she's in a sitting position. Instead, he picks her up and places her on the office table, knocking off the computer monitor with a thud; once she's in the right position, the viewer is provided a clear view of the ensuing action. He sticks the big barrel silencer into her navel and at point blank range pumps shots into her belly, her whole body reacting nicely to each shot. She dies nicely.

The message seems to be that smoking and an erotic death in the office in the late afternoon don't mix well, lol.

This is a lightly erotic, well-crafted movie. I really like this one and recommend it to all shooting fans.

Rating: 8.8
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Re: Capgun Chuck reviews "Hitman-Melanie Tripper" by KHP

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I agree with Chuck tihs is a great video and Kamlyn was tremendous with her limitted experience. Reactions and camera angels were perfect,a real gem. The smoking scenario and her surprise to be confronted were exceptional. A real bad girl however would have blown smoke in her Hit mans direction and go down clutching her last cig.She is great and caint wait to see her blonde.Also agree that the sting was equally great and that kamlyn gets her shot at the sting role
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