Algenon5 reviews KHP's "Nicole Shot"

This producer used innovative f/x techniques and produced tons of material before permanently closing down his production company. His work is greatly missed!

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Algenon5 reviews KHP's "Nicole Shot"

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Note: This video is no longer available along with the rest of the videos of the now defunct KHP Productions. :frown:


GENRE: Shooting STAR: Nicole RUNTIME: 3:06

This delicious little video could be alternately titled "How to Cure a Hysterical Girlfriend." It comes to us from back in 2007, which judging by it and other videos, was a very good year for KHP Entertainment. Fortunately, all of these productions are still available, and will be reviewed as I find time to get to them, In this regard I'll be keeping the seat warm until Cap Gun Chuck returns.

KHP's hallmark is a simple plot leading to an erotic killing, with zero time wasted on meaningless filler. "Nicole Shot" is a good example of this winning formula. Nicole, looking super hot in a slinky, white cocktail dress, goes ballistic on her boyfriend, threatening to shoot him. He wrestles the gun away from her, and in a fit of anger plugs the girl square in the center of her belly. Thrown against a wall by the impact, she clutches her abdomen and slowly slumps to the floor. Nicole's shock and pain reactions are as good as they get. This girl has a natural talent for dying on camera just the way we like it.

The boyfriend almost gently lifts Nicole so she is sitting up with her back against the wall. Trying to dissuade him from shooting her again, she peals off her dress pleading, "Please…don't you want me anymore?" She looks so adorable I would have shouted, Yes!!" But all this does for the boyfriend is give him an enticing new target. Without warning, her pumps a slug into her firm, right breast. She screams. Her body bucks and shudders. You can't see the boyfriend's face, but from the slow and deliberate way he chooses his shots, you know he is really getting into killing this girl. Hyperventilating and whimpering in fear, all she can do is surrender to the inevitable.

The inevitable is hot lead stabbing through her left nipple. This time we're treated to a close-up of the impact and Nicole's heaving, bleeding breasts.The FX are great! (2nd screen cap)

Weakened, Nicole slumps over again. Her body trembles. Her back arches. The boyfriend, in to great hurry to end the girl's suffering, lets her writhe in pain. Then he fires three evenly timed shots into Nicole's underbelly. Her half-naked body jerks wildly with each impact. She appears to lose consciousness, but it isn't over yet. A fourth shot is fired into the girls lower belly. Her body responds feebly. Blood dribbles from her mouth. Somehow a faint spark of life remains. A shot is fired into her chest, Blood spurts from the impact. (More great FX!) The coup de grace is a shot through Nicole's neck. It's all over but for a slow camera pan of her dead body.

On the production side, the lighting and camera work are good. So is the sound.

A final word on Nicole: She made fourteen videos for KHP. Eleven of them are outstanding. Sadly she has since left the business.

9 snub noses out of a possible 10
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