Nyghtfall reviews "Wall Throttle" by Dirty Deeds

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Nyghtfall reviews "Wall Throttle" by Dirty Deeds

Post by Nyghtfall »

Due to ongoing issues I've had finding suitable content to bring my own ideas to life in a virtual environment, I've put my 3D modeling hobby on indefinite hold and started writing again. And since I'm not buying anymore 3D software or content, I have more money for clips.

This is the first public review I've written for anything in over a year, and I'm very happy to write that it's a good one.

Anyone who knows me knows how incredibly hard it is to please me when it comes to fantasy asphyxia. I demand technical excellence and believable performances, though I don't expect Hollywood-caliber FX or Oscar-level acting. Tits and ass are secondary to me, and I don't buy videos for the sex scenes - live or necro - though they can be a nice bonus. I just want a really well-filmed death scene, even when the victim is in my favorite position during the attack: suspended above the ground.

This is the first time I've seen one of PKF's newest models, Ryanne, in action. After once commenting on how beautiful she is, they were kind enough to ask me for ideas on an asphyx scene they had scheduled with her. They already had a wall strangling planned. I suggested a surprise attack with her wearing nothing but a white silk or chiffon robe, kept open to provide a nice view of her body while she was strangled. I thought such a robe would compliment her slender form and enhance her femininity. I even offered to buy one, but was glad to learn they already had something similar. I also asked that the killer wear a mask. Understand, this wasn't a custom. They simply asked me for ideas, and ran with the first one I suggested.

The clip opens with Ryanne sitting on her couch, reading a book. 30 seconds in, the killer slips out from behind her curtains, and deftly wraps a rope around her neck. The attack lasts about 20 seconds before she's rendered unconscious - relatively brief, but a good garroting nonetheless, and it's not the meat of the scene anyway. She didn't flail her arms wildly about, and for the most part kept reaching back for the killer during the struggle. We then get a fantastic shot of body sprawled out on the couch as the killer climbs into the living room. When he's about to start fondling her, she comes to and makes a run for the door. He catches her, grabs her by the neck, and lifts her up several inches above the ground as he pins her against the wall. At this point, a 5-minute long struggle ensues, during which we get several great close-ups of her bare feet kicking. Thanks to her open robe, we're also treated to a lot of nice peeks at her breasts and full bush(!) (thank you God) without the scene turning into an anatomy lesson.

Ryanne does an excellent job trying to fight off her attacker and gasping for air with lots of open mouth, gritted teeth, and really nice tongue action (not the comically exaggerated "I'm trying to lick my chin" look, either - I mean the subtle, sexy as hell, just a pinch past the bottom lip look) - and we get a few close-ups of that action to match.

Once she's dead, the clip spends the next 20 seconds showing us one last close-up of her lifeless feet dangling above the ground and a zoom-in on her death stare. The killer then lowers her to the ground and carries her back to her couch. Fade to the next shot, and we watch the killer fondle her feet for a couple of minutes. After that, he spends three and a half minutes engaging in simulated necrophilia, and then leaves the scene with his spunk all over her stomach. The last three minutes are spent on a series of slow body pans before fading to black.

There's a minor but noticeable spot at around 4:11, where for about 10 seconds the camera dips down behind what looks like a chair leg during a shot of Ryanne's feet. Unfortunately, its auto-focus winds up blurring the shot of her feet as it retrains itself on the chair leg, and then refocuses on her feet again. I don't know if that was some kind of an attempt at cinematic artistry or a technical snaffoo. It certainly didn't ruin the scene, but I felt it worth mentioning.

Aside from the auto-focus issue, the camera got all the right shots at all the right angles. Audio, video, and lighting were all spot-on, and the performances were convincing. I think Ryanne definitely has the acting chops for this stuff, in addition to a gorgeous body, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Bottom line, Wall Throttle is one of the best clips I have ever seen. In fact, it's the first $10 clip I've ever bought that left me feeling like it was under-priced.

Score: 10/10
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Re: Nyghtfall reviews "Wall Throttle" by Dirty Deeds

Post by astrokill »

I watched the clip and agree with Nyghtfall's review. I'm usually more into bad girls, but after watching this clip, I realized that I'm looking at a classic here. All the elements are just right. Performance, camera angle, actress (she is very beautiful, with great breasts, face and bush), actor (love it that he is obscured), lighting (especially the pastel like quality of the color palette), technical execution and mood. One of the best death stares I've seen. The various post-mortem scenes and positions that the female victims is subjected to brings it up a notch. The strangle itself is a blast to see, as we get to see the simplicity and brutality of the strangle without being too explicit. A 10/10 in my book as well. The gold standard now for all wall stranglings. :pc: :clap:
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