Dirty Deeds "Hanged In Boots" review

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Dirty Deeds "Hanged In Boots" review

Post by biglar »

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of hangings. But I’m a HUGE fan of Allie James, both because she’s a beautiful woman and because she’s a wonderful actress. I’ve never seen her do less than her best in her fetish work – she gives her all in everything she does.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

In this movie Allie plays a young girl from Kansas who just graduated high school and is visiting the “big city” with her friends. Her friends got dressed up and went clubbing for the evening, but Allie decided instead to go to a local bar near the hotel in jeans, a t-shirt and cowboy boots. At the bar she met a nice guy, and agreed to go with him to meet his friend and party a little before she has to be back at the hotel.

He brings her to a warehouse to meet his friend, and they make some small talk while waiting. Eventually, his friend arrives. When she realizes what’s about to happen she tries to run, but the men grab her and punch and kick her to into submission until she has no strength to fight back any more. They then tear her clothes off (except for her boots) and proceed to use her – one in her mouth while the other fucks her, and then they change positions and continue the assault. Finally, she winds up on the floor in the fetal position, crying and begging for mercy.

They then hang her by her hands from the ceiling, and continue to punch and assault her. They then tie her to an x-device, and proceed to molest her with a large vibrator, and pinching her nipples until she’s in excruciating pain.

Finally they bring her down to her knees, and she’s forced to perform oral sex on both men. Now she’s completely broken, sitting on the floor, sobbing. Now they apply the “coup de grace”, putting a noose around her neck and slowly raising her, first to her feet, and then off the floor. She struggles as much as she can, but she’s been weakened by the beating and her hands are still tied behind her back. Her perfect boobs jiggle as she struggles to live.

One boot falls off as she struggles, but eventually her life leaves her. As she hangs there, her bladder releases, sending a stream of urine to the floor. NOTE: This was a real bladder release – Allie doesn’t do anything half-way :-).

This was a wonderful hanging for fans of good, realistic hangings. Allie was terrific, playing the role of victim believably. Well acted, well choreographed (the beating looked very real) and well shot. Highly recommended.

Also, if you’re interested in this or other movies from Dirty Deeds, you can find a great selection here:
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Re: Dirty Deeds "Hanged In Boots" review

Post by smudger »

Mmmm, I can see what you mean. She's a rather nice looking young lady, isn't she? Hope she's going to get shot in a future clip....

I see your suspension from the "other place" ends on Sunday 19th March. The next Sunday 19th March will be in 2015..... unlucky! :lol2:
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