"Blood Sacrifice" a G-Man Review

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"Blood Sacrifice" a G-Man Review

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"Blood Sacrifice” / “The Sacrifice”

W.A.V.E.’s Synopsis

In Blood Sacrifice, Nathan Evers, the convicted killer of several college virgins and their professor has died in prison. But the bodiless head of the man who controlled Nathan's every action is back! And he wants a body and this time four hearts must be removed from 4 female victims in order to transfer his spirit into the body of Jason, the now husband of Beth, Nathan Ever's daughter! Starring Miss Pandora, Debbie Dreher, Debbie D, Laura Giglio, Tracey Lixx, David Lee, and GW Lawrence. (nudity, gore, stabbings, whipping) (45 min.)
In The Sacrifice, Tracey Lixx stars as the unfortunate victim of mistaken identity when she's kidnapped instead of her boss, Jacklyn O'Connor. She finds herself tied naked on an altar in order to be sacrificed!. She pleads for her life, but the killer figures "Two hearts are better than one!" (15 min.) (full nudity, gore, stabbing)

G-Man’s Review
For the past back story... W.A.V.E. does a pretty good job of mixing older shot footage with Ben Morgan ( as Nathan Evers) and incorporating it into the main story of Blood Sacrifice.

Now the sprit of Nathan’s dead partner is back ( a severed head) and controlling GW Lawrence and David Lee to do his dirty work by knifing them to death and then cutting out each of the victims (Debbie D, Debbie Dreher , Miss Pandora and Laura Giglo) heart’s out.

In The Sacrifice we have Tracey Lixx playing the victim gets to die for us on a sacrificial alter.

Hits & Misses
Tracey, Debbie Dreher, Laura Giglo and Miss Pandora all do very worthwhile stabbing death scenes, with Tracey’s giving us a really good show only wearing her birthday suit!
Also... after they're dead... we get to see all the gals hearts cut out.

While, Debbie D’s death scene was very lame... we see GW swing down the knife and the camera stays on him, while we hear Debbie’s death moans.
Then the camera cuts to her dead... eyes closed with a big kitchen knife stuck in her chest.

If you like stabbings and hearts cut out.

This is worthwhile double bill stabbing video from W.A.V.E.!!!

The G-Man gives it a “Recommended” :approve: :approve: :approve:




Click here for more stills http://www.wavemovies.com/files/WAVEUpdate021212.pdf
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