Wet Dreams Laney

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Wet Dreams Laney

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This begins a series of similar linked videos.
Each stands alone. Yet if you watch some of them. You find a central theme.
They also mention each other in them.
Yes I hand a hand in developing this series.
So some of my usual story telling tastes show through.

This is from Seduction Studios, and stars Laney.
It is available at their Niche store.
Last Breath
Price $8

Laney wakes from a nightmare.
(Originally a video simply titled Wet Dreams had been done.
To save on shooting same scene twice. Used clip of her waking from that one.)
Why her outfit changes.
All the rest new content.

Laney heads to shower.
We get to watch this her strip down to only skimpy panties.
Then a voyeurs view. Of her showering her beautiful, young body.
(The chosen panties look great wet!!)
It is all POV.
As someone enters.

At first lovely Laney greets them.
Then to late realizes her danger.
Laney now pleading for her life.
A gun shot.
Clutching her wound. Laney gasping, sinks down.
We finish with views of her laying wet, and dead in the tub.
Decent amount of blood is seen.

I was very pleased with Laney in this.
She looks so innocent, and young.
Yet has this definate sex appeal.

The lady named as her attacker. Appears in her own different video.
To be reviewed a different time.

A nice amount of this.
Simply getting to watch a beautiful lady undress and shower.
Before her killer enters, to finish her.

Think it deserves a solid 7.
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