Wet Dreams Aria

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Wet Dreams Aria

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This review is for the video Wet Dreams Aria.

This is a Seduction Studios production.
Available at their Niche Clips store Last Breath
Price $10.00

I give this a 9 out of ten.
One factor simply how stunning, beautiful, and sexy Aria is.
This is the 2nd in the series, done same production/ story arc.

Aria an amazing sexy spy.
We start, with quick view of her victim.
From the previous video.
Then Aria full nude, and wet in the shower.
She is surprised .... Taking a bullet ..

Wet dreams ... so we get to see her wake to head to another scene.

Aria showing off her beautiful body.
As the lovely lady strips nude again.
Some very nice views of her, every side.
As she showers.
Then an intruder.

Aria begging and pleading.
Aria taking a knife to the belly.
Gasping and moaning. A slide down the shower wall.
To her final pose.

I think when you look.
You will agree, Aria is one beautiful lady. Face and figure.
That looks fantastic in the shower!
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