Wet Dream Daphne

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Wet Dream Daphne

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This is for the Wet Dream Daphne video ..

Available at the Seduction Studio
Last Breath store at Niche Clips
This is a Seduction Studios production.
Available at their Niche Clips store Last Breath
Price $10.00

First to start with Daphne to me, is OMG beautiful!
This is part of a series, that tell a twisting tale of betrayal n deceit by secret agents.
They all stand alone, and are worth looking at.
This the 4th in the series, has a LOT going for it.

I would give it around a 9 out of 10.
A little more blood final demise, an extra open eyed first demise.
Would have had me all in for the 10 mark.

We start out, the ultimate voyeur.
Lovely Daphne, naked, in the tub.
A soft sensual, caressing, and pleasuring of herself.
Slow, intimate, and wonderful views of her.
Then an intruder, she is attacked and drowned.
A few images of her floating, sexy body.

Then yes the wet dream effect, she wakes from a nightmare.

We then get to savor, seeing Daphne head to the bath room.
A phone conversation, and we begin to understand Daphne is a very naughty girl.
A deadly scheming, beautiful agent.
Daphne strips for the tub, to full nude.
Getting in, once more, she begins to pleasure herself.
So you know not same scene replayed. She is at the other end of the tub.

As she enjoys her pleasure.
We see what has gotten the sexy agent so hot and bothered.
Not spoiling it here.
Yet trust me, a good amount of bang, for the buck this one.
As memories or flashbacks show what turns her on.
Shall we just say, her pleasure involves wet, bloody deaths.

Once finished, she is surprised, confronted and shot.
Daphne is not only VERY attractive.
She is a good actress, as well.
Does nice job, taking the hits.
Some blood shown.
She is also left open eyed.
Some close ups and pans once dead.

Left shot dead, in the tub this time.

Very well done by Daphne, and love just watching this sexy lady.
Thrilled she was part of this series!
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