Wet dreams triple cross Devyn n Rachel

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Wet dreams triple cross Devyn n Rachel

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This review for the 6th video in series.

It stars Devyn and Rachel
Stand alone video. Yet if you follow them.
You will pick up on plot thread through them.

Available at the Niche clips store

I give it a 9 out of 10
Helps I got to see one of my scripts acted out.

First we have lovely young Devyn.
She strips, and soon we enjoy her taking a shower, full nude.
Soon a gun is pointed her way.
It is Rachel, done point of view.
So only see Devyn.
She pleads, then takes a bullet.
Devyn soon dead, in the tub.

Cut to her waking from a dream.
She takes it meaning Rachel plans to kill her.
Devyn makes plans and a call to set Rachel up.

Shift to Rachel.
Very impressed with this lady.
Rachel strips full nude.
Soon she is getting into the shower.
Now roles reversed.
Devyn from point of view confronts Rachel.
Rachel pleads.
Then takes a bullet.
(This next part, I think Rachel nailed fantastic!!
Not the easiest actions to do.)
Her body takes the bullet.
Rachel staggers out of the shower.
She pleads, then is shot once more.
Good reaction to both bullets.

After taking second bullet.
Rachel does death slide down the wall.
To finish, naked, eyes open and dead.
Sitting pressed to the wall, and tub.
Can not say enough.
How pleased I was with her. Interpretation and performance from script.

Move to Rachel waking up.
Getting Devyns call. Then making her own plans.
Each agent, looking to have the other killed.

The final scene.
First two, ladies have their hair up.
This time, both full nude.
They take turns in shower, hair fully wet now.
Devyn outside of the tub.
Rachel inside tub, and shower spray.
(Roles being reversed from the dreams. That had Devyn inside and Rachel out.

To their mutual horror.
The killer has decided on a triple cross.
Both beautiful, nude young ladies take bullets.
Soon, with some blood seen.
Rachel lays dead, eyes open. Propped at the end of the tub.
Devyn lays dead, eyes open. Propped on the outside of the tub.

Full kudos to Rachel this one.
Wish at the time. I had more money.
Would have done custom with her for sure.
Devyn looks wonderful. Gives an honest performance.
Pleased with her in this as well.

Yet Rachel soaking wet, staggering out of the tub.
To take another and do a death slide, nude.
Loved it.

First two kills no blood.
Final scene, both ladies have some on them.
If there would have been more blood shown on them.
Would have put this to a ten for me.
Two lovely, nude young ladies.
Performing four death scenes for $11.00 not bad!
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