Wet Dreams Heather

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Wet Dreams Heather

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This review is for the Seductive studios Wet Dreams Heather video.

Video 5 in the series.
Contact and buy from them direct.

Available at their Niche clip store

Price $10
Starring Heather

I give it a 7 to 8 out of 10

First Heather looks GREAT in a wet tee.
We start out, finding Heather is a crime scene clean up tech.
That has stumbled onto some secrets.
She plans to cash in on.

Sitting on the side of the tub.
She is surprised, and shot.
I like how she changes from trying to act tough to pleading.
Heather ending up semi dressed, wet and dead in the tub.
(Give credit to her, working herself down into the tub. Into her coming death pose.
The lady did very good job with it/ action.)

Like other series, move to Heather waking up.
Making her plans.
Soon we have Heather full nude in the shower.
Every bit including her hair wet.
A little bit given to watch her bathe.
Then an intruder with a gun.

Heather goes from startled by intruder to seduction, finally pleading.
As she is shot more than one time.
Like how she wipes some blood on the wall of the shower.

Heather gives a good performance through video.
Some very good reactions to taking the bullets.
Ending naked some blood, and dead in the shower.
BOTH scenes finish with eyes open stare by Heather.

Only few things that took a little away from video.
One of the sound effects, did not get slid in to match her reaction.
Heather handled the scene great.
This was editing, plus I did not catch it either. When first given finished video.
If I had they would have done quick edit change.

The second thing, I found out.
I like Heather, think she is a pretty lady.
She has some very bright tattoos.
For those of you that like tattoos, you will enjoy her variety.
I just thought, when naked.
Acting the final scene in the shower.
They can be distracting from the lady, her acting, and action going on.

All in all though. I am glad to have Heather part of the series.
Probably going to check her out. In a wet tee, in the tub again.
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