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Wet Dreams Roxy

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This review for the Seductive studio video. Wet Dreams Roxy

Starring Roxy and Daphne
Price $12.00 from their Niche clip store

OR contact and order direct from them.

I give it a 9 out of 10

You have Roxy stripping nude to enter the bath tub, to start.
You have Daphne FULL nude in the shower. Every side, and angle. Washing herself and her hair.

Both ladies get to perform two death scenes.
Including, both ending in a bodypile for one.
Lot of open eye death stares. Sexy bodies wet.
There are some quick flash back scenes. Other ladies in series getting killed topless or naked.
(LOT of hot bodies this one.)

Daphne in the shower, in all her beauty and glory. Worth most of the price right there !!
Plus to me, Daphne has become one of the best in the genre.
Taking impacts/ wounds. As well as dying.

OH and maybe I should mention. Daphne pleasuring herself, in wet look panties, topless.
As she fantasizes, about those ladies getting killed. In the flashbacks.

Few things that keep it from perfect. There was some script issues. As this was a custom.
The studio very willingly. Did a re shoot of a few scenes.
Then edited them in. So may show in continuity.
Also could have used more blood, some of the deaths.

Still in all, a LOT of bang for he buck here!!
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