Wet Dreams Secrets Exposed Grace n Sammy video 9 in series

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Wet Dreams Secrets Exposed Grace n Sammy video 9 in series

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This review for the video Wet Dreams Secrets Exposed.
Stars Grace n Sammy. The 9th video in the series.
Yet stand alone video as well.

It is priced $10
Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

This was a custom I had done.
I would give it an 8 out of ten stars for content.

Grace and Sammy both going to full nude. For their scenes.
Fresh, young natural bodies.

The two agents, maybe knowing dangerous intel.
They both have two death scenes. One each solo.
That turns out to be a dream.
Grace stripping down for a bath. Grace has that all american girl look. Grace shot in the tub.
Sammy nude in the shower. Sammy a more exotic look. Sammy takes a knife to the belly.

They decide to get together.
Grace is in the tub. Sammy strips to stand outside of it.
As they are surprised by an assassin.

Sammy makes a play for her gun.
Both ladies are shot. One dying in the tub, the other propped outside of it.

Few things taking points away.
Sammy seems a natural at this.
Grace this was very new to. So does seem to be not as comfy doing. (Still think she did good performance.)
The girls both did nice job with the script.

The other thing, just not much blood effect used.

Outside of that. Add two more beautiful bodies, to the wet death series.
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