Wet Dreams Showdown Abby n Daphne

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Wet Dreams Showdown Abby n Daphne

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This review is for the video Wet Dreams Showdown.
This was a custom by Seductive Studios.

Stars Abby and Daphne

Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

Price $11
Giving it a 9 out of 10 stars.

First Daphne and Abby both smoking hot, and sexy ladies.
That are good in front of the camera.
Each having an opening wet demise. With slight twist not used before.
A brief pose, both ladies together, in the tub dead.
As part of the Wet Dream.

We discover that the two leaders. Of the secret agents companies at war.
Are sisters, willing to kill each other. To rule over all of the spy networks.

A final showdown has to happen.
(Part of ongoing story. Bullets have been invented. That dissolve clothing, as they kill the target.)
Meaning, as they shoot it out. Both beautiful, stunning ladies.
End up fully nude, before they die.

Which includes bodypiles. As well as extra views, posed propped together against the wall.
As if the bodies, have been handled, after death.
Eyes open.

Some very good work by both ladies.
Daphne, I think, one of the best. Taking and acting out wounds.
Abby a very good, and well picked opposite for her.
Along with a bit of dark humor. As dying the sisters inform each other.
That mother loved them best.

Beauty from the ladies. As well as good jobs acting it out.
Looking good in wetlook attire, also.

Only thing keeping it from a 10 for me.
Needed just a bit more blood effect.
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