Wet Dreams Clones Rise

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Wet Dreams Clones Rise

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This is a review.
For the Seductive Studios video Wet Dreams Clones Rise.
It is the 10th video in the series.

Stars Laney and Layla

Available direct from studio or their Nicheclips store.
Price $11

Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

I give it a 9 out of 10 stars.

This was a custom done by them.

Laney and Layla playing agents.
That may actually be them OR clones of them.
Since both sexy ladies. Had seemed to be killed previous videos.

Laney, the sexy, young, pert beauty.
Layla the sensual, confident killer.

Both ladies getting to die more than once.
Layla, glistening and full nude. Taking a knife in the bath tub.
Laney being shot topless, in only her panties.

Later the ladies join together.
Only to be surprised. Layla given the option, of killing Laney to save herself.
Buries the knife in Laney's belly.

Layla though for her betrayal. Does not survive from it.
Her double cross repaid.

Both beautiful ladies get to perform. One shooting, and one stabbing death each.
The finish, dead in the tub together.
Both selling the taking of wounds and injuries nicely.
Nice body pans individual death scenes. As well as together.

Only thing keeping it from the full 10.
Just could have used some more blood.

All in all, a very nice amount, of sexy demises. For the price.
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