A Slice of Halloween pt 2

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A Slice of Halloween pt 2

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This is a review for A Slice of Halloween pt 2 video

Starring Kali and Tara
This is 2nd Stand alone custom in series of 7

Price $ 10
Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

I give it a 9 to 10 out of ten easy my tastes.
Slasher theme

We start out with two beautiful young ladies. Talking about the killer.
They even enjoy play acting one killing the other.
Before separating. Curvy Kali heading to the bath room.
Where we soon see her strip down, before enjoying some time.
Just watching her in the shower. Of course, wearing only panties.
Includes her as being naked and wet in a slasher film.
The killer pays her a visit.

Tara soon comes looking for her. Finding her friend bloody and dead.
Soon finds herself, the killers next victim.

I was very pleased producer on same page with this.
As body poses, as well as amount of blood effect used. Helps give it that slasher/ horror movie look.
The ladies both did well with the scenes.
Currently I think 3 are available in clip store. Under either A Slice of Halloween or Halloween slicer.
If you like this style and want to get more.

Series in order

A Slice of Halloween 1 W Elaina Laney n Layla
A Slice of Halloween 2 W Kali n Tara
A Slice of Halloween 3 Copycat killer W Casey Elaina n Ryan
A Slice of Halloween 4 College Coeds W Josie n Peyton
A Slice of Halloween 5 The Reporter W Daphne
A Slice of Halloween 6 The Trap W Ashley n Ryan
A Slice of Halloween 7 The Slicer Revealed W Josie n Scarlett
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