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Pleasurebot Daphne review

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This is a review for the Seductive Studios video Pleasurebot Daphne.

Starring Daphne

It is available through
Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

Price $12
I give it a 10 out of 10 maybe an 11 on this one.
Again just my tastes .. Yet has a LOT to offer.
Daphne totally hot, gorgeous and sexy here!!!

This was a custom
It starts with Daphne introducing herself in a sexy see through wet halter top. With light purple panties.
ALL of the video POV or first person view. As if your watching and interacting with your own pleasurebot.
You can make love to her, enjoy her companionship. Kill her or watch as she kills herself.

Daphne asks your wishes. Then strangles herself for your pleasure.
After she is dead on the couch. Different poses, as if you played with her while she was dead.
Including topless, eyes open on her back. Wearing only panties.
THEN system reboot ..

Daphne now in the tub wearing only her wet panties.
She talks to you, then sees the gun. Daphne ending up shot dead in the tub, this time.
With some nice views of her, open eyed, some blood.
Reboot ..

Third time, Daphne fully nude. You get to enjoy watching her showering, her beautiful self.
(Such a beautiful woman, this alone was worth the money.)
Again so sexy, as she offers herself for your pleasure.
A knife to the belly, this time.
Daphne naked and dead in the tub.

Honestly, I think Daphne truly one of the best, and most beautiful models in the business.
She had fun playing with this script.
A nice twist ending .. Was it all a dream or something else.
A VERY well done video here by her. Recently had to do a sequal to it.
I enjoyed the concept I had and her performance, with it so well.
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