Wet Dreams Abby

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Wet Dreams Abby

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This review is for the seductive studio video.
Wet Dreams Abby
Starring Abby

Buy contact and order direct from them.

OR NicheClip store

Price $13

I give it an 8 out of 10 for sure.

This was a custom video.
Part of the wet dreams series. (14 in the series)
Basically stand alone videos. That have a story thread, run through them.
The series is a mix of sexy spies getting killed. Along with simple enjoyment, and appreciation of their beauty.

The first few minutes simply savoring. Sexy Abby moisturizing her fully nude body.
Then an intruder enters.
Abby tries to threaten the person. After all she is head of the DESIRE spy agency.
We get a brief total recall moment.
Was this real or a mind game?
Then Abby is gunned down.

After waking, she makes a report.
Abby heads to the shower.
Again some time spent, just enjoying this beautiful woman face and figure.
As she strips and showers. Even washing her hair.
A confrontation and just like her dream. Abby is shot to death.

Abby is drop dead gorgeous. In fact after doing this custom.
Had to pair her with Daphne, in anther custom, Wet Dreams Showdown.
Talk about a dream team!!
Face and nude body, the lady is fantastic!!
Abby also does very well, reacting to being shot and death scene.
In both you get to see final views of her body.

One thing that may keep it from a full 10.
The use of blood. First scene, was more gunfun. As it could have been only an illusion.
Second time, not much used.
This in part my fault, and later videos. Blood effect adjusted where needed.

Still, if you enjoy watching a beautiful, sexy woman.
Naked, wet, then dying. This may be the one for you.
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