"Clones Hunt 4”

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"Clones Hunt 4”

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"Clones Hunt 4” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (4 out of 5)

Here’s another
“Bang for Your Buck” video from Agasverus "Clones Hunt 4"(At Genre Videos)

G-Man's Review
The fourth clone hunt in the series… The hunter sent to an apartment where three clones are living.
The video opens showing one of the clones (all played by the lovely miss Taissia Shanti) dolling herself up in the bathroom while
another clone is waiting to use room.
While waiting and pacing around the apartment… the second clone is surprised by the hunter and is shot in the back while trying to flee.
He then quickly moves in and grabs hold of his staggering victim. Now holding her up in front of him as a human shield…
The third clone who bursts in shooting and hitting the other clone twice in the back and doing nice body jerks with each hit.
Quickly, the hunter returns fire and plants two slugs into the third clone’s body causing her to stagger and fall into a nearby chair.
While there, Taissia gives a very sexy death scene by displaying some fine withering and pelvic thrusts as she slowly slides down to the
floor exposing her crotch and pantyhose.
After seeing some final twitching the third clone lies dead. Then hunter lies her almost dead body shield on a bed as he carefully
moves on to the doorway.
Then the hunter turns and shoots a final slug into the clone he left on the bed, causing her to jerk and then die. He goes back to his victim,
picking her up off the bed and positions her
In a chair. Next he moves on to the now to the dead third clone and puts one more bullet in the dead woman just to make sure,
Then he sences the first clone is standing in the batroom and proceeds to shoot through the bathroom door hitting the topless clone in the
back as he leaves the apartment.
Next we see Taissia (as first clone) do a very slow erotic death slide down against the door as she finally colapses on the floor.
As one last gasp… we see Taissia reach open the door and fall dead in the bathroom doorway.

Taissia does a fine job performing all the clone death scenes.
Giving some great bullet hit reaction sounds and facials.
Plus providing us with plenty death fetish elements with… topless death, pantyhose, silencer, chest shots, body-shield, writhing, twitching,
butt views, white blouse\ black mini-skirt\ heels, body dragging\ carry & positioning.
Another fine video from Agasverus that is also KILL-HER PRICED!!!... at $12.00!!!
G-Man rates
"Clones Hunt 4" as “GREAT TO HAVE”!!! .. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (4 out of 5)

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