"Shooting Mix 2"

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"Shooting Mix 2"

Post by G-Man »

"Shooting Mix 2” :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:

Mr. A's Gun-Fun follow up…
"Shooting Mix 2" another “Shooter Fans Delight” video from the Agasverus store!!!

G-Man's Review
His second Shooting-Mix video… Agasverus changed things up a bit by only using one model, the lovely Dasha.
I guess you can say Mr A worked her to death by having her perform twenty death scenes for us and all shot in
beautiful HD!!!
She goes thru five costume changes (One piece button down dress, white blouse with black skirt, one piece blue-
nit dress, metallic gold and silver party dress) and doing about four scenes in each.
In most of the skits Dasha does an excellent job in arousing the viewers scenes with senious bullet hit jerk reactions
including some nice back arching, slow death slides, death crawls, dying shudders and of course some great facials.
Oh and…For the fans who also like to see their victims from the rear as well, Mr. A makes sure Dasha’s nice butt
is emphasized in about half of them.
I would say at least half the scenes are most stimulating, especially a scene half way in where Dasha is wearing a
tight short, metallic gold, front zippered party dress.
Here she performs the same scene twice and is shot (camera) from two different angles… and really gets
the viewer’s adrellian going!!!
Maybe more producers should shoot more same scene shot (camera angle) at two different angles… just saying.
As well as single-shot deaths, there is also plenty of multi-shot with hits to back, breast and belly.
Since this is also a “Gun Fun” type of video… it may not provide much blood (digital only when hit), but makes up
for it in a lot of very fine victim gyrations, and up skirt views.
Over all, a lot more then half of the scenes are most stimulating. Well worth only the handful that fell a bit short
with issues of… some scenes having too much hair covering the face or can not see face at all.

Again another video where Agasverus gives us plenty of sexy death scenes for the money!!!
IF you can’t find at least half of the scenes pleasing… then you must not be a shooting fan!!!
Another bang for your buck video from Agasverus and again… KILL-HER PRICED!!!... at $15.00 !!!
G-Man rates
"Shooting Mix 2" as a “MUST HAVE”!!! .. :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: (4 out of 5)

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Re: "Shooting Mix 2"

Post by Nikita »

Thanks for your review G-Man!

I would like to add that this video is over 26 minutes so people are getting real value for their money :cool:

Love Nikita :X
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