Thief in Leather

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Thief in Leather

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This review for video titled
Thief in Leather
Ok this is one to watch for in the near future ..

Currently this is only available in members section at Sophies Fantasy Art main website.
Still has a lot of great elements. That I thought needed to be mentioned.
I give it easy an 8 out of ten. Maybe even higher if your a strangling fan.

First it stars Natalie and Chloe.
Natalie in some hot leather spy gear.

Natalie is searching for something.
Hit from behind. When she comes to.
Her attacker behind her. A strangling device, worked around her throat.

Natalie is very good, in these types of scenes.
She fights .. Leather clad legs kicking. Body moving.
The spike heels on her boots. Sliding around on the floor.
The actual strangle, a little over a minute and a half.

Then when finished.
Sexy spy Natalie.
Is strip searched, down to only her panties.
Even her boots stripped, leaving her bare foot.
A lot of different views of her beautiful body, left laying.

Including from the side, as well as all the way from her feet, looking at her length ways.

I will try to add post here. When it moves to clip stores.
For now a few images.
To show you some of the sexy outfits, action, and ladies.
Videos like this at Sophies.
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