Classic video The Ballistics Test

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Classic video The Ballistics Test

Post by Storm9 »

Review for the Ballistics Test

Sophies main web site in PPv store

This is also available at the Gabrielles fighting girls store at
Niche clips
Price $12.00

I give this a 8 to 9 out of ten.
It has 4 scenes .. Stars Crista, Claudia, Emese, Gaby, and fitness model Anita C
This is one of the older videos. So most of the ladies speaking, is in their native language not English.

THAT does not take away from the video.
As almost any talking, between the ladies.
Is to decide which one, gets to stand.
At the front of the line.

It begins with Emese arriving for the test, a volunteer.
She strips to only her panties.
Then belly shot by Crista.

Each scene, the ladies give cries of pain, from initial wounding.
They go to the floor, and continue to groan, and writhe.
Then when finished.
Scientist or doctor Crista.
Begins putting them through limp body play including rolling them over.
Then rolling them back face up again.

Scene 2 has two ladies arrive .. Undressing to only panties.
Both line up, shot through.
Finish in a body pile.
Then get handled and rolled back and forth by Crista.

Scene 3 Has 3 models .. Larger gun used.
Two strip to only panties, fitness model to bikini.
All three first scenes have lined ladies belly shot together.
Falling to the floor into a body pile.
Then limp body play, when dead.
So you get to see each lovely lady, front and back.

Scene 4 Crista notices 1 lady short.
So her lab coat comes off.
Crista takes the front of the line.
Finishing video, playing the fourth lady.
To take the bullet, and be piled, at the finish.

So a lot of sexy ladies, stripping.
Belly shots, body piles. As well as limp body play.

A nice amount of viewing pleasure, for the money.
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Re: Classic video The Ballistics Test

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I really liked this one-- maybe because I wrote it.

A little insight.

The story line is this: They are testing a new bullet to see how many bellies it can penetrate.
First test-- one belly.
Second test-- two bellies.
Third Test-- three bellies.
Forth Test-- Four bellies.

Some of the inside jokes-- made more difficult by language barrier:

The test subjects take off their clothes so their clothes won't get ruined in the test. No bullets holes. No Bloodstains. They don't show the same concern for their own bodies.

As the girls are jockeying for position they are supposed to be saying things like: "I want to go first."

As I wrote it, the girls are not supposed to show fear of death, rather they are excited to be participants in an important scientific experiment.

The scientist is rolling over the dead bodies to check to see if the bullet fully penetrated the bodies.

One thing I did not like is that they changed guns halfway through the test. If this were a real test, they would only be changing one variable (the number of bellies penetrated,) during the entire test. Changing a second variable-- changing the gun, invalidates the results. So, that's nitpicking. But it violates the rules of scientific investigation. And is NOT how I wrote it.

The last joke, of course, is that they run out of volunteers by the time they need to test four bellies. So the scientist takes off her clothes and participates directly in the test.

Another piece of inside information. Because some of the girls play more than one character, I asked that they change clothes between appearances, so they they would appear to be a different girl. They did use this suggestion.

Of course, the ideal, if I were rich enough to afford it, would be to have each test subject played by a different actress, (rather than using the same actresses over and over again;) what a body pile there could have been at the end!
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