Girls N guns 3.5

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Girls N guns 3.5

Post by Storm9 »

This is part of one girls N guns series.

Right now it is part of the sales price break until end of Feb.
Cost only $7.00 Sale price
Available at Sophies main website.
The Sophies Fantasy Art Niche clip store

This one Stars Crista and Orsi.
THAT worth the price right there.
I give this one between a 7 and 8 out of 10.

If it had been open eye final scenes.
Would have been 9 or 10.

It has a lot of good elements.
Indoor and outdoor both used.
Orsi the beauty on watch.
Crista slipping closer on the ground.
Crista takes the shot.

We see Orsi hit.
Orsi soon staggering, to get inside.
Crista enters, soon at gun point.
Has Orsi strip full nude.
Left bleeding, and only wearing her boots, on the bed.
Crista begins to search for something.

We had seen Orsi had a weapon also.
Crista back turned, gets shot.
Wounded, as Crista sinks to the floor.
Crista's gun out of her hands.
Orsi forces Crista to strip naked.

Soon a final break and Crista recovers her gun.
More shooting by both.
Leaving sentry and attacker both fully nude, bloody and dead.
Both still wearing there boots.
Then some body pans of both ladies.

Crista is AMAZING using her eyes.
The lady is sexy and gives very good reactions.
Knows how to use her eyes well, showing many expressions.
She gives that wounded, and dying look very well.
Have loved this ladies work from first time seeing her.
Sexy outfits both ladies.
Orsi as always so beautiful, and enjoyable.
Truly a fantasy dream team.

Even better on sale for now.
So a win, win.
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