Girls N Guns 2.1

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Girls N Guns 2.1

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Part of the series 2.1 to 2.5 Girls and Guns.

It is currently sale priced at $7.00
Until the end of Feb.
Available at Sophies main website
The Gabrielles Fighting girls Niche clip store.

This is all outdoor action.
I give it a solid 7 out of 10.

It starts with a lovely lady, tied to a tree.
She works herself free, only to be confronted by a captor with a gun.
Christine orders her back to the tree.
Break in concentration, and a struggle for the gun.
Christine is shot.
Soon to be left propped dead, against the same tree.

Free and an enemy down.
The captive tries to find her way out of the woods.
Now armed with a weapon.
Adriana wearing camo style outfit, arrives.
Gunning her down, before she can defend herself.

Some nice gasping and writhing.
As she sinks to, as well as while on the ground.
Finally to be left bloody, open eyed, and dead.
Boot fans, both lovely victims, wearing boots.
Two death scenes. of lovely ladies.
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