BloodBath video

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BloodBath video

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This is a review for the BloodBath video.

This is available at
Available at Sophies main website.
The Sophies Fantasy Art Niche clip store
Should also be at the Genre video clips store, just do not have that link info.

Video priced for $14.00

First this stars Anita K and Crista.
Soon as I see Crista and bath.
You have my immediate attention!
This sexy lady, an all time fave for me.
Not to mention Anita K jaw dropping, beauty.
Figure either of these ladies enter the room, heads turn.

I give the video, around a 8 to 8 and a half out of 10.

We start, with Anita down to only her panties.
Crista soon stripping her bra and panties.
Crista then full nude, as they both enter the tub.

Some talk, and YUmmmmmmm Anita begins giving Crista a sponge bath!
If I was rich, I would probably be willing to pay.
To give either sexy gorgeous lady a sponge bath.

It takes awhile. Crista first front, then turning to have her back done.
It is slightly playful, and slightly sensual.
Keeping in mind we are getting to view both ladies in the tub.

Then the door opens, and another woman enters.
Crista has more than one lover!
This one not pleased, with what she sees.
Pulls a gun, and orders them to both stand up.
(Keep in mind, only one single small panty, for wardrobe between them.)

More words spoken.
Then a belly shot for both ladies.
They react, then begin to sink back down, into the tub.

It is nice, to see Crista use those pretty eyes, to show herself wounded and dying.
Anita more the gasping, and moaning, clutching herself.
Decent amount of blood, and the water in tub, shows the red.
Both sexy ladies, left dead in the tub.

Crista arched towards her back. Anita hunched over.
To me, Anita honestly is world class beauty.
If this would have finished with her face clearly in view.
Her eyes open.
I would have placed this close to a 10.
Some pans of the two dead in the tub.
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