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Video Your Nadine

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This review for the video Your Nadine.

It stars Adrienne and Nadine.
Priced $11.00
At Sophies Main website
The Nicheclip store
Also they have a Genre video store as well, just do not have that info.

This one I give an easy 8 to 9.
On strength of how simply gorgeous both ladies are.
Along with the fetish elements, for belly stabbing fans.

Our community recently lost a long time member.
Known as Thrill Killer. A fan of belly stabs and wounds.
So dedicate this review to him.
Hoping he got to see this one. Think he would have liked it.

Video starts out, lovely Adrienne relaxing, with a book.
A note is delivered.
Adrienne reads it, and is devastated.
A betrayal by her lover.

She moves and shifts a bit.
The letter opener so close.
She strips to only panties.
(I usually pause briefly, just to savor the ladies beauty.
Adrienne and Nadine both, so stunning, and lovely. Spending time with either would be a fantasy in itself.)
OH and yes talking about her face, as well as other areas.

Here is where I think they did good, with the belly fetish.
Adrienne begins holding the blade.
Playing with it along her belly.
She takes out her piercing.
Then as more teasing along her belly.
A close up, you can see the visible lines, where it has slid along her bare skin.
Finally it is plunged into her belly.
Gasping, Adrienne writhes.
Moving around, arching her body twisting.
As she turns slightly.
The blood runs, from her belly button.

We see this for a little bit.
Then Nadine enters.
Not understanding, what has happened.
She denies the note, she loves Adrienne.
Adrienne gives a very convincing, glare, at her lover.
Even though we maybe realize, the note was made, by jealous girl.
Not Nadine.
Adrienne strikes at her lover.
Now Nadine gets belly stabbed.

Both ladies writhe on the sofa now.
Both ladies topless only panties.
Soon to be left dead, close together.
Adrienne with eyes open.
See a few different views, and pans of the ladies.
Including close ups.

If Nadine would have had her pretty eyes, open at finish as well.
Would have given it a solid 9 for sure.

If your a fan of belly stabbing.
This one may be for you.
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