Knitting Needles 5

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Knitting Needles 5

Post by Storm9 »

This review for video Knitting Needles 5
Starring Adrienne and Nadine

Currently priced/ sale price.
Part of the Erotic Killer sale, only $7.00
Until May 15th
These stores

I give this an easy 9 out of 10 for my tastes.
If they would have done a few more still shots both ladies.
Instead of mainly pans.
Would go with a 10

Adrienne is simply beautiful beyond words.
Nadine lovely face and a very fit, sexy, and tight body.
Two stunning, eye catching beauties.

Starts out the ladies, teasing each other, with the needles.
I like the fact, they hit the floor a few times during the video.
They sound metal, solid, and real.

After playing, along each others sexy bodies.
The bras come off.
Now both only wearing panties.
More playing, then a stabbing to Adrienne by Nadine.
Nadine now stabbed as well.

Needles pulled free.
They begin taking turns, stabbing each other.
Several minutes.
Thighs, bellies, and finally breasts.
They each receive a stab, beneath the nipple.
Close shots, and further back.
All during this, the ladies writhe, cry out, gasp, and moan.

Decent amounts of blood showing both ladies.
Leaving them both dead at the end.
Both ladies eyes open. (Always a plus for me).

Worth the price, especially while on sale.
This one in series of like themed videos.
Different ladies some of them.
Yet this the one, I chose to review.
They have 19 Erotic Killer videos on Sale, this one part of the sale.
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Re: Knitting Needles 5

Post by PatrickPayne »

Both of them are beautiful. I always knew knitting was a violent sport but no one believed me.
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