Lovers Deadly Cup

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Lovers Deadly Cup

Post by Storm9 »

This video stars Gabrielle and Lena.
This from one of my ideas, plots shared with the ladies.

Currently it is only in Sophies members site.
Keep an eye out for it in clip stores. Niche or Genre.

I give it a 8.5 to 9 out of 10.

Several fetish elements included.

The ladies meet together.
After brief chat, we know.
They are partners and lovers.

Lena soon strips for Gabrielle to watch.
Going full nude.
Wearing only her spike heeled boots.
Now it is Gabrielle's turn.
Love that her hair is down some. Usually in ponytail.
Nice change of look, for this beautiful young lady.

Gabrielle strips to only panties and boots.
Like a pirate or swashbuckler style.
They are both sitting.
Gabrielle turns away.
Lena ads something to her glass.
A toast and drinking.

Soon Gabrielle begins to feel not well.
(She is great using her eyes, and body. To show things.)
A little dizzy, after getting up. She sits back down.
Now she starts to cough, and writhe.
Lena does very well with this. One of her first roles.
Gabrielle realizes she has been poisoned.

Lena gets up smiling.
She moves closer. Forcing Gabrielle to drink more.
Gabrielle able to pull a gun out of her handbag.

Lena tries to plead.
Gabrielle has enough strength. To shoot Lena in her belly button.
Lena goes back to her own seat.
Gabrielle struggles a bit more, then is dead.
Eyes open. (WOwwwww she looks great here!)

Lena writhes, moaning. Then a few final gasps.
Then she is dead as well.
Few final views of both lovely ladies.
Dead in their chairs, both eyes open.

Always have been a fan of Gabrielle.
Lena seems to enjoy, her role of killer.

I enjoyed this one. Seeing my idea, acted out.
By these two lovely ladies.

If you can not wait for clip store listing.
The web site is a good bargain.
Over 100 videos for members and over 300 photo sets.
So you may want to consider that option as well.
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