Spy Girls Bloody Gun Dual

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Spy Girls Bloody Gun Dual

Post by Storm9 »

Review for this video;
Starring Adriana N Susanne

Currently available PPV at SophiesFantasyArt

$7.00 price

I give it a 9 out of 10

Has a LOT going for it.
Both lovely ladies dressed in bikini tops, skimpy mini skirts.
With high heeled shoes.

Susanne hunting for the enemy agent.
Searching and they run into each other.
Adriana shot mid section.
(Some good reactions by both ladies taking hits.)
Adriana struggles and gets shot of her own off.
While Susanne is realing. Adriana moves away.

Change to another setting, Adriana trying to escape.
Even crawling one point.
Susanne finds her.
Adriana takes a bullet to her breast. Slamming her against the wall.
Her top comes off, as she examines her wound.
Return fire, and now Susanne breast hit, then topless.

The ladies exchange fire.
Both trying to make sure. She takes her enemy with her.
Three bullets each, on the floor.
They move closer, for the final shot.
(A nice amount of writhing, moaning and groaning both ladies.)

For those of you that like it.
Some quick upskirt views of Adriana struggling on the floor.
Susanne's panties clear view, her final pose.

They both end up well posed, topless, and bloody.
Laying close together on their backs.
Both ladies eyes open.
Pans of both ladies laying dead.

Only thing against it for me.
Was done, while using native language for the ladies.
Not a lot of dialogue. Yet wish I knew what was said.

Still, shoot outs, two stunning sexy victims.
I liked this one a lot.
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