Girls and Guns project 10.2

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Girls and Guns project 10.2

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This is for the Sophiesfantasyart video Girls and Guns project 10.2

Available from main website PPV

Price $14.00

Nicheclip store
Price $12.00

Reason for price difference. Part of series sale item clip store.
Keeping in mind.
I think price supposed to be $14
It is ALWAYS better to buy direct from studio.
As it gives them full profit. To be able to keep making the fetish videos.
The clip stores take a lot of that away usually, each sale.

That said ...
I give it a solid 9 out of 10

It Stars ...
Orsi, Il , Chloe, and Gaby ..
Sophie your killer here.

4 beautiful, sexy ladies.
Led into the room. Backs to the wall.
Love the variety of outfits to start with.
A couple of party dresses, one casual or gym attire.
Then the leather jeans and halter style top showing the belly.

The ladies are forced to strip.
Two going to bra and panties. Gaby topless and Orsi full nude.

Sophie taunts them. Making them turn around.
So we get views every angle from them.
(Here again I swear. I ever become rich. I would just pay Gaby to be poolside for my viewing pleasure. In or out of a bikini.)
Ok any one of these ladies would be welcome at the pool.

Sophie enjoys making them beg.
Some of the ladies having to remove belly jewelry.
Taunts, and her gun. Sophie enjoys having power over the other ladies.

Then Chloe refuses to do as Sophie demands.
So she begins shooting them.
SOme very good reactions by all 4 ladies.
Taking the bullets.
Each lady getting a final bullet right to her belly button!
Some dropping down quickly.

Others slower to sink down.
Gasping and moaning as they die.
The victims dying one by one.

Then we have some nice final views of all 4 beautiful ladies.

The two things keeping it from the ten.
Wish there had been more blood effect, on the ladies.
Then Orsi only one to have eyes open.
Wish few more of the ladies would have.

Know they all can do very good death stares.
From past videos and current customs.

Still give it very high rating.
Some very talented ladies here.
Plus 4 sexy victims for the price !!
Nice fantasy eye candy!!
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