Operation Wet Tigress

This forum is for reviews of Sophie's Fantasy Art, the main website being sophiesfantasyart.com. Sophie took over from Susy Gabrielle's "Fighting Girls" sites!

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Operation Wet Tigress

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Review of a custom video

Stars Britney and Sophie.
Currently only showing in members area, at her main website.

The ladies did great with this!
Working from my script, making it come to life.
I have to go with a 9 to 10 out of 10 for this one.

It involves secret agents, mind control, SEXY women, in hot outfits.
Shooting, and stabbing.

Sophie is AMAZING!! Catsuit, wet in the shower (Yes I could simply enjoy watching this beauty taking a shower, and bikini!)
Britney is so sexy and stunning. In bikini and topless. Face and figure, the lady is pleasing to the eye.

She also does good, acting out these fantasy scenes.
I felt honored, two such drop dead gorgeous ladies. Acting out my script.
Seeing the ladies offering customs with Britney.
One reason went with review this video.
I would 100% do another custom, with Britney anytime!!

Love her look, and OH yes the lady has a GREAT open eye stare at end of the video.
Two death stares, and Sophie has some of the prettiest eyes anywhere.

Start to finish.
The ladies nailed this one!
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