The Bitch is not me

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The Bitch is not me

Post by Storm9 »

This review for the video The Bitch Is Not Me

Sophies Fantasy Art PPV

Nicheclip Store

Price $12
Stars Orsi and Diane

I give this one a 8 to 9 out of 10 easy.

First you get to see the beautiful, breath taking Orsi.
Fully nude in the shower.
Every inch, every angle. As she showers.
Orsi even let's down her long hair to wash it.
Very nice views, her body wet, and glistening.

Orsi a very good actress, when being wounded.

Diane enters black bra, and some sexy jeans.

Orsi gets her throat slit.
THEN to surprise. Vengeful Diane, who Orsi has been cheating with her lover.
Bashes Orsi's head to the wall a few times.
Orsi dies naked, and VERY bloody this one.
Her eyes partially open, as her body is panned.

Main thing keeping it from a 10.
Wish there had been more time for Orsi to struggle.
Maybe one quick, first wound. Before the throat slash.
Her death, just a bit longer. (Know that sounds cruel. LOVE and adore this beautiful model.)
So just think more time, to let her show her acting here.
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Re: The Bitch is not me

Post by PatrickPayne »

Good review. She’s beautiful and I love the slit throat.
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