After The Bank Robbery

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After The Bank Robbery

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This is a review.
For the video After the Bank Robbery.

Available for $11.00
Sophies main website PPV

Nicheclips store

I give it a 6 to 7 out of ten

Stars Gabrielle, Gaby, and Natalie

Natalie has become a quick favorite for me.
Just something about this woman, like Sophie. Eyes that captivate.
A sensual captivating beauty. That leads to a pleasing femme fatale.
Both ladies a sexy, allure that draws you in.

Gabrielle still so lovely, a young lady. Is great using her eyes and body. To show her reactions.

Gaby simply put. Any time I can watch this lady wearing only bikini bottoms. I am interested.

Three lovely ladies. Two topless. Gabrielle ends full nude.

Natalie is relaxing. As the other two ladies enter. Sitting on the sofa.
The trio starts to discuss the money. Taken from the robbery.
Gabrielle and Gaby, unhappy. With how Natalie acted, during it.

After some talk. Natalie reveals she does not want to share.
As well as her machine pistol.
The other two stand up in fright.
Only to be machine gunned.

Some nice reactions, bodies jerking and taking hits.
Then limply flopping, back onto the sofa.
The ladies writhe, and die.

Natalie is proud of herself. Sure of her being the sole survivor.
When taken by surprise. She takes a bullet to each, enticing breast.

Soon Natalie is dead as well.

Three beautiful ladies, all dying.
Two by machine gun, one single shots.
Blood from each ladies mouth during this. To add to their bloody bodies.
Plus you do get some views, and pans. Of the lovely victims.

Few things that would have made it better for me. More points.
All the ladies die eyes closed.
Also does have a smoking element to it. Some people will like that.
Just not for me.

All in all, not a bad video. For shooting fans.
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