Halloween Vampire Murder video

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Halloween Vampire Murder video

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Just in time for Halloween

Sophies has many vampire themed videos.
Also some ghost killer videos.

This review for
Halloween Vampire Murder
Starring Crista, Monica, Ildiko, Jessica, Nadine and Susanne

Available at Sophies main website PPV store

OR the Niche clip store
Gabrielles Fighting girls

I give it a solid 8 out of 10

It starts off, getting to see Crista and Monica vampire hunters.
Talking about the murder of three lovely blondes.
During this we get some very nice views.
Of Jessica, Nadine, and Susanne. All topless and eyes open.
In a bodypile. So kind of like the crime scene.

We get nice views group shots. As well as of each lady individually.
Bloody navels, and necks.
As the vampire enjoys impaling her victims, before enjoying their blood.
The spear still in Nadine's belly.

We move to sexy vampire Ildiko.
Some nice special effects. To maybe show her posing, and having power.

Crista and Monica attack.
Both soon mesmerized by the vampires power.
Crista soon stripping to only panties.
As Ildiko taunts Monica.

Sexy Crista gets the spear, then neck drained of blood.
Monica soon impaled as well.

ALL 5 victims giving open eyed stares!
4 out 0f 5 only wearing panties.

Very sexy outfit for the vampire. Bra and panties, with red cape.

A LOT of beautiful, half naked ladies as victims.
Blood effects used.

Few things that would have made it a higher score.
Have the vampire finishing off. Last of ladies in bodypile.
Other 2 already dead. Before she leaves.
As we get to view them then.

With all of the ladies topless or bra and panties.
Monica needed to strip to bra and panties. Under vampires influence.
Before her character being killed.

Last for close ups of the vampire.
Wish they would have used the fangs. They have used other vampire videos.

Just a few things to give it a full 10 for my tastes.

Still, a nice video. If you enjoy Halloween or vampire themes.
Plenty of sexy bodies, left behind.
One of the first videos for Jessica, Nadine, and Susanne as models for Sophies.
Great way to start, together in a bodypile.
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