Choke Your friend

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Choke Your friend

Post by Storm9 »

Video for strangling fans

Stars Susanne, Ildiko, and Monica

Available SophiesFantasyart website PPV

Niche clips Gabrielles fighting girls store

Price $10 both stores

I give it an 8 out of 10

Susanne is a dominating mistress.
Bored she tells her captives, to strangle each other.
They will not. Their mistress starts to intimidate them.
Ildiko begins to strangle Monica. Yet she can not do it.
She can not kill her friend.

Disgusted, Susanne orders the places changed.
Monica hesitates. Then strangles her friend to death.
Ildiko being choked, starting sitting, pinned to the wall.
Down to the floor.
Nice amount of time for the strangle.
About an 8 minute video. Most of the time.
With one or the other lady being strangled.

Some brief open mouth and tongue shown.
Open eye death stare.

Susanne is pleased, until Monica attacks her in a rage.
Over having to kill her friend.
Things shift, soon Susanne is happily strangling Monica.

Again some open mouth, and tongue. Open eye death stare.

The stranglings for both ladies some moans and gasping or choking sounds.
Decent amount of time.

Very revealing, sexy outfit for Susanne.
The two victims shorts, and a tank top. One tied across front top.

Views individually both victims.
Also view of them laying close together.
First victim, having to lay there. The entire time, second is being strangled.

Few things that would have given it a ten.
Some added leg kicking or sliding, during the strangles.
More tongue, either during it or as they lay strangled.

Still, fans of strangling scenes.
May be one worth checking out.
Remember, if you are like me, and maybe a few things you would enjoy better, in scene.
You can maybe have the ladies. Do a custom one for you.
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