Gaby Must Die

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Gaby Must Die

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This is a review.
For the SophiesFantasyArt video
Gaby Must Die

Stars Gabrielle, Gaby, and Natalie

Available for $11

Available SophiesFantasyart website PPV

Nicheclip Store

I give it 9 out of 10 stars

Done as a custom. A second part gives Natalie's Fate.
Natalie Must Die still in members area at this time.

First we get to see Gabrielle.
Love this model, so very expressive with her eyes, and body movements.
(Yes I would love, a night just spending part of it. Looking into those pretty eyes.)
Gabrielle is setting up a contract to kill Gaby.

That done, she lures Gaby in, using their relationship.

Gabrielle soon in the shower, wearing only panties. A few minutes enjoying watching her.
We see Gaby arrive. Hearing where her lover and friend is.
We then get to enjoy watching Gaby strip down, to only very skimpy panties.

Gaby is soon with Gabrielle in the shower. Again some time spent, just enjoying watching the ladies.
Then Natalie arrives, gun in hand.
(Some nice imaging, of ladies in the shower. In mirror behind gun holding Natalie.)

After some chat, Natalie decides to be naughty.
She tosses a knife onto the shower floor. Letting the duo, fight to live.
Gaby taking the knife to her belly.
Gabrielle's plan having one problem.
Gaby could also be short, for her name.
Natalie must be certain of the contract, so Gabrielle is shot.

The schemer and her victim. Soon both dead close together in the shower.
Eyes open. With some views of both.

Close to a ten for me.
Only small things.
Gabrielle's head not in a good position.
To be able to see her lovely eyes, in death stare.
Could have been more blood used.

All in all, very nice job done. By all three beautiful models!!
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