Cold Rain Warm Death

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Cold Rain Warm Death

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This stars Chrissy Crista and Gaby

Available for $11
Available SophiesFantasyart website PPV

Nicheclip Store

I give this a 10 out of 10.
The ladies nailed this one all the way.
A custom I had done.

Chrissy and Gaby come in from the cold rain.
They had been hunting Crista with no luck.
Wet from the rain, they decide to warm up in the shower together.
Disrobing to bra and panties or topless.

Then we see them in the shower for a bit.
Surprise in walks Crista gun in hand.
She is also wet from the rain.
(They do some nice work, views close up, as well as in the mirror.)
Crista cinfident, and mocking them. Shoots both ladies.

We get good reactions, then view as they both die.
Left bloody open eyes together.

Crista pleased with herself, strips full nude.
She may as well warm up herself.
Only to discover, there had been a third killer after her.
Now it is Crista surprised and taking bullets.
(Crista is FANTASTIC showing this. )
Doing a wonderful job, soon she is on the floor naked, bloody and dead also.

We get nice views, each lady singly. As well as a group of all 3.

Sexy wardrobe, beautiful models, and bloody demises.
Leaving three contract killers open eyed, and dead together.
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