Haunted Apartment of Death

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Haunted Apartment of Death

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This is a review. For the video Haunted Apartment of Death.
A custom video, done through SophiesFantayart

Available SophiesFantasyart website PPV

Nicheclip Store

(It is usually better to buy direct from the vendor.
That gives them all the proceeds, helping them to make more movies/ videos.

Price $11

Stars Chloe, Gabrielle, and Gaby.

I give it an 8 to 9 out of 10 stars.

The trio of lovely ladies.
Have rented an apartment. Supposedly haunted.
Others having died there.
Chloe enjoying scaring the other two ladies with that.

Then one by one, they begin to die.
Gaby hearing her name called, goes to look.
Getting a knife to her belly.
Dying wearing only her panties.

Gabrielle hears her name called.
Before dying by belly stabs in the shower.

Chloe piles the bodies together on the bed.
Then her name is called.
Could it really be haunted?
Chloe takes a knife to her belly.

Soon all three piled dead together on the bed.
Gaby topless, Gabrielle full nude, Chloe a nice bikini.
Views of all singly, after initial kill. Then all together.

Things keeping it from full 10.
(Admitting part miscommunication my part)
Final scene and body pans. Only Chloe has her eyes open.
Also could have used a little more blood.

Still as October moves closer. Nice play on the haunted killer idea.
Plus 3 lovely victims for the price.
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