Killers Bloody Hands

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Killers Bloody Hands

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This is a review for the video
Killers Bloody Hands

Available through PPV at Sophies website

Price $10

Stars Chrissy

I give it a ten out of ten
This was a custom and Chrissy nailed it!!

It starts with sexy Chrissy dressed to kill.
Black bustier, clingy stretchy pants, and knee high, spike heeled boots.
The victim begging, before Chrissy kills her. (Victim off screen, POV all on Chrissy.)

Then to Chrissy stripping down, and showering.
She begins hearing voices.
Is it a haunting or her own guilty thoughts.
As it is revealed, she killed the wrong person.

She is tormented, even briefly seeing blood on her hands.
Finally she can only do one thing.
End it, with a knife herself.

Good amount of blood. Chrissy so beautiful, and sexy acting it all out.
With final views of her, eyes open, bloody and dead.
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