Sophies Deadly Amazons Games 1

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Sophies Deadly Amazons Games 1

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This is a review for the video
Sophies Deadly Amazon Games 1

This can be found as PPV at Sophies main website

It sells for $ 11.00

Starring Diane, Gabrielle and Sophie
It is the first of 4 videos in a series. All done as customs.

I give it a 8 to 9 out of 10 possible stars

Sexy Dianne is in debt to the wrong people. Beautiful Gabrielle also is in trouble.
Both lovely ladies invited by Sophie to a meeting.
When their Sophie's plan is revealed.
She desires the two ladies to fight. Diane to cover her debts.
Gabrielle finds she has been poisoned. The only chance for the antidote, she must kill Diane.

The two sexy ladies strip to only panties. Before oiling themselves for the modern Amazon combat.
Sophie directing things, ready to watch and enjoy.
Soon knives in hand they dual.

Diane being stabbed more than once.
Gabrielle not able to enjoy victory as Sophie never had planned for either to survive.

The ladies did a VERY good job, looking so hot and sexy oiled up.

One of the few drawbacks for me. Wish Diane would have had her pretty eyes open, final death pose.
Still loved the ladies work. Very nice start to the series.
That will include Angie Chrissy Britney Laura Crista and of course Sophie herself as modern Amazons!!
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