Sophies Deadly Amazons Games 2

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Sophies Deadly Amazons Games 2

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This is a review for the video.
Sophies Deadly Amazons 2

Starring Angie Chrissy and Sophie
Available at Sophies main website

Price $12

I give it a 9 to 10 out of 10

Sexy Sophie had such pleasure before. Watching ladies die for her amusement.
Now she has lured Angie and Chrissy in.
Letting them know she knows of their crimes.
Only one can escape. The ladies must strip and oil themselves.
The lady killing the other, will go free.
Yet Sophie is deadly and cunning.

After the ladies are ready, she sets a trap for Angie.
Not liking her, she lets Angie get a gun. Only to find out it is not loaded.
Angie gets stabbed by Sophie. Then Sophie like a modern day Empress.
Sets out a knife, then mounts her throne to watch.

Already weak, Angie is killed by Chrissy.
Chrissy tries to be sneaky. Not knowing Sophie has slipped out a working gun.
Chrissy uses her own body, to get close. Trying to seduce Sophie. Until she can stab her to death also.

Chrissy ending up, bloody, bullet shot and dead.

This was a custom. The ladies did a very good job, working from the script.
This is one of 4 in the story arc. Each of them having different sexy ladies fight.
Naked beauties, some shooting and stabbing.
Maybe the one thing that keeps it from a full ten.
Not that many final views of both ladies. At the end.
Still think Angie's pose, as close to perfect as you can get. For something like this.
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