Sophies deadly amazon games 4

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Sophies deadly amazon games 4

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This is a review for the video
Sophies Deadly amazon games 4
(This is 4th in a series, all 4 fine by themselves. Yet story plays through all 4)
Some spoiler points

It stars Crista and Sophie herself

It is available in ALL of her PPV/ clip stores that I leave urls to here.
Price $11.00 (Remember if you can buy direct from studio, they get more from the sales)

This was a custom I had done, back when I could do them.
Honest they nailed it, beyond my expectations.
I honestly for my tastes give it a PERFECT 10

It starts with sexy Sophie, trying to cool off in the tub, on a hot day.
Crista enters, after Sophie tries to buy her off. Shoots Sophie dead in the tub.
VERY nice death stare by Sophie.

After some views of her dead, cuts to Sophie on the floor. (Not shown) Her enemy humiliating her more, dumping her body onto the floor. Then leaving.
Changes to Sophie waking from a nightmare. Right before Crista enters for real.

After forcing other ladies to fight to the death. Sophie must do this herself. Choosing Crista.
They strip. Crista down to only panties.
Sophie oiling her up, massaging it al over Crista's sexy body.
Then Sophie strips down to only a small bikini.
Now Crista oils her.

Then they fight with knives.
It is a short battle. Sophie scoring a hit.
Before the more skilled Crista stabs her a few times close up.

As Sophie is dying, Crista's triumph short lived.
Sophie had poisoned her own blade. Crista suffers, then joins Sophie in death.
VERY nice views both ladies side by side on their backs. With nice death stares by both.

This is two of the best, and most beautiful ladies. Ever in the genre together.
Both looking amazing.
Some blood, two deaths by Sophie, and open eyed stares for all of them.

If you like it, check out the other 3 in the series. Different models getting oiled up, and naked before the kills.
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