Wet Tigress Crista

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Wet Tigress Crista

Post by Storm9 »

This is a review for the Sophiesfantasyart video
Wet Tigress Crista

Starring Crista
Price $11






I give it out of 10 stars maybe like a 15

Crista hits it all ... OMG does she impress here.

This is the third of Wet Tigress series of customs.
They honestly feature an all star cast of Sophies ladies.
First has a topless Britney n Bikini clad Sophie herself.
Second has a fully nude Annica and basically nude Orsi
Then this one ..

It starts with sexy Crista sniping someone out of view. Then making her report.
Sexy leather crop top, skirt and boots.
She makes her report, giving some of the details, for the whole series.
Crista the mastermind behind it all.

Next scene changes. Crista in some sexy lingerie is waiting for you.
(Video all shot as POV / point of view. Like your there looking at her watching her.)
This is where I fall in love with her all over again as a sexy, gorgeous model. As well as actress.
Crista begins a seduction .. (Some very base directions in script.)
Crista performs a very sensual, sexy strip tease dance to seduce you.
Her hair comes down and gets whipped around.

She soon plays with a knife, over her now, only panty clad self.
She uses a drinking glass, drizzling water from her mouth. Down over her upper body.
Dancing on the floor, on the chair.
Then she plays with the gun, over her hot body.
Finally the gun is aimed at you.
She is a woman scorned. You had cheated on her.
She shoots you.
(She put this all together herself I believe, with the dance routine.)

Now we move to the shower.
Here we get to see every naked inch of her.
She showers washing her hair, as you watch.
Then after some time she is surprised in the shower.
A rival let's her know Storm had survived her shooting.
Crista is shot, in surprise she lowers down to the floor.

Crista tries the code word to make her attacker fall under her will.
It does not work, she is shot again.
Soon dead .. We get very nice final views of her.
A very nice amount of blood.

Her open eyed stare, as you can see some blood still dripping from her mouth.

I honestly can not say enough, about this woman's beauty, sexiness and talent in front of a camera.
Crista to me will always be one of the best all time.
Appearance and acting ability.
This is what you can do, with getting a custom.

Yes my idea and script. Yet she totally blew me away, with her performance.
The dance by her amazing!! Maybe worth the price of the video alone.
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