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This forum is for reviews of Sophie's Fantasy Art, the main website being sophiesfantasyart.com. Sophie took over from Susy Gabrielle's "Fighting Girls" sites!

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Which is the Best review

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This is a review. For the Sophiesfantasyart video.
Which is the Best

It stars Annica and Crista

Available at

Price $11

I give it a solid 8 out of 10 stars.

We begin with Annica and Crista talking. They decide on a contest.
First they both strip fully nude. Only wearing high heels.
Opening, they have a roleplay gun fight. Both ladies killing each other.
Death poses by both.

Then they do a roleplay car chase, shoot out with police. One at a time.
The other lady watching.
Both dying by the end. Each lady doing death pose.

Last a roleplay knife fight on a building. This one both girls go bare foot.
Crista stabbed and shoved off by Annica.
Then Annica seeing police coming tries getting away, falling.
Bodies posed together.

Finally they ask the viewer, which is best?
A gun is shown, this not a roleplay. Both ladies shot, game over.
Some blood here. Both finish eyes open stare.

For my tastes, seeing these two ladies perform fully nude. Always a treat.
You can see they are having fun, with first parts.
The main thing, keeping it from a final 10 stars for me.
The final death scenes should have been longer. For the actresses to have more time.
Maybe some begging and pleading first. Maybe some blood spit up by one.
Could have done car chase shoo out, same time, as in same car together.
Giving more time, to play with final death scene.

Still, for some wonderful eye candy. This is very nice to watch.
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