Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Bloody Beach attack 2

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Bloody Beach attack 2

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This is a video review. For the Sexy Latin Amazons video.
Amazons Bloody Beach Attack pt 2

This is available through their main website.

Price $17

I give this an easy 9 out of 10 stars for content.

First this actually has a dozen models involved.
(Yes you will see some more than once. Lost track of total deaths. Figure couple dozen easy.)
First some charges. With deaths by arrows. To both attackers and defenders.

Then the major clash on the beach. All the ladies pairing up.
Which could not have been easy to keep track for all of it.

Good points, each ladies actual death scene shown.
Either by arrow or blade. You get to see each lady writhe and die OR be finished off after wounded.
Decent blood effects used.

Some models going topless. Some having to lay dead in the sand. As scene goes on around them.

One scene I liked very much. Amazon after giving mortal blow. Tries to loot her victim to fast.
Her enemy having enough left. To slash her throat.
The ladies dying together.

Give a LOT of well done and appreciation, for the ladies.
They do well holding, death poses.
Some that could not be very comfortable.

Very nice attention to the defeated warriors.
After main battle done. We get another slow viewing, of each of the ladies.
Some eyes open, others eyes closed.
Nice job, with the costumes.

Only few things that would have made solid 10.
This many Amazon's dying on the beach. Some views of two together.
Wish there had been few staged more ladies all together or body pile.

A few very minor edit items. Again being honest. Seeing how easy it could happen.
Trying to keep track of this much action.

All in all, I felt it worth the money.
Very impressed, this large a production. By the sexy Latin Amazons.
If you like that theme. Check this one out.
Even if Amazons not your thing. Can almost guarantee. Your going to enjoy watching these ladies.
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