Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Foxxy command kidnapping pt 2

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Foxxy command kidnapping pt 2

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This review is for the Sexy Latin Amazons or SLA video.
Foxxy Command Kidnapping part 2

This video available through the ladies main website.


I give it a 10 out of 10 stars.

One lady being held captive. You see her bound, and slightly tortured.
A rescue attempt is made.
A lot of sexy military style soldiers either defending or raiding.

You get 13 demise scenes.
The ladies play each one out nicely.
From stabbings to shootings.
One thing that really raised it to the full 10 mark.
The ladies willing to get messy, and dirty, with blood.

ALSO the settings, and positions. For some of the ladies.
Could not have been comfortable at all. To hold death poses.
A stone stairway, arched on her back.
A water fountain, partway into it, from over the side.

A few when hit, doing a going limp, rag doll look.
All the way to the ground.
Plus you get decent views, of each lady that has been killed.

Some of the action maybe not believable in a Rambo type of way.
(5 enemies shooting at one lady, scoring no hits.)
Still, very nice attention to taking the hits, and dying various places.
A three model topless shooting, while getting changed.
Good amount of blood effect used.
Many of the ladies demise, ending open eyed.

Just simply a lot of elements to enjoy. For many different tastes, and fetish likes here.
All in all a very well done, by these ladies!!
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