Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Mafia wars Bikini War 1

The title says it all! Check out these sexy Latin Amazons!

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Sexy Latin Amazons SLA video Mafia wars Bikini War 1

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This is a review for the Sexy Latin Amazons video
Mafia Wars Bikini War 1

Available through their main website

Price $13.50

I give it an 8 to 9 out of 10

We start out with beautiful ladies at the beach.

Then attackers arrive. Including on an Atv.
We see each lady in turn gunned down.

Giving a LOT of credit to the sexy models.
As they do get dirty.
Being dragged through the sand. (Which you see clinging to them.)
As they are piled together, once dead.

Several ladies demise.
The only two things that kept it from the ten mark.
First, as sand covered as they got. Needed more blood effect, final dead poses.
Also for some I am sure. The ladies maybe not holding the guns, exactly right when using them.

Still all in all.
If you enjoy sexy ladies in bikinis.
Plus not usual to enjoy getting to see shoot outs, at the beach.
You will want to check this one out!!
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